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Efficiency and quality in services

To achieve efficiency and quality of services offered, along with a qualified personnel with experience in the field we use equipment and installations in the following sectors:

    • Lifting Devices/transportation
    • Identifying manipulation solutions
    • Developing action plans
      • Project Management
      • Disassembly/assembly machinery
      • Machinery and equipment inspections
        • Continuous monitoring of equipment
        • Partial or capital repairs
        • Interventions on equipment
          • Oxy and plasma cutting
          • Cutting saws and guillotine scissors
          • Forging, chemical and thermochemical treatments
            • Bending, rolling and straightening metal sheets
            • Mandrel and welding pipes
            • Metal coating and stamping
              • Milling and boring operations
              • Grinding and toothead Milling Processes
              • Various types of lathing
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